Sunday, March 24, 2013

Perk Up Parkies!

The Callicoon Creek Park Association is dusting off winter cobwebs, counting robins (three so far!) and getting ready for our

Fourth Annual Plant & Seed Swap & Sale
May 25, 2013 from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Which means it's time for all our gardening friends to start thinking about the kinds of extra veggie and flower plants you'll be sharing with the newbies and pros who make this Swap one of their first Spring stops.

Last year, we had bushes, saplings (trees), houseplants and a ton of veggie plants donated, swapped (or purchased) by our gardening friends and neighbors.  (To find out more about the Swap, how it helps the Park and ways to participate,  please read here.)

And like last year, we've got some special treats planned:

Master Gardener, Will Conway will answer your planting and care questions

Artist and Teacher, Linda Bastian,  will be in the Children's Art Tent

Performance Artist, Ramona Jan and Her Marionettes will be on our NEW  stage

The Plant Swap is also a great time to root through your old gardening tools and if you plan to replace any,  think about donating the old for use by our wonderful Job Corps kids and other volunteers during  Park Clean Up Days.

If you can't be with us the day of the Swap but want to share the fruits of your labor,  please email us at or give us a ring at  845-887-3105.


PS   News coming soon about all the great local performers who'll be taking the stage for our Under the Moon in Callicoon summer concert series.

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