Who Is CCPA?

The Callicoon Creek Park Association originated in the Town of Delaware in 2001 as a committee of volunteers who wished to enhance, maintain, and utilize for public benefit the town-owned field on Audley Dorrer Drive in Callicoon, NY. Through dedication and donations, the field was transformed in one short year and quickly fulfilled its destiny as landmark, meeting place, picnic ground, garden, nature trail, and venue for community events. As its mission developed, the group continued to solicit contributions, marketed T-shirts, and in 2002 presented a successful fund-raising concert featuring singer Sloan Wainwright. The volunteers also supported presentations in the park by other local organizations, particularly those music, dance and drama events under the sponsorship of the Braman Arts Conservatory and the Hosting of the Bards Festival of poetry and folk music. 

Along the way, the group garnered two Sullivan County Renaissance grants and  was awarded additional funding from Renaissance on the basis of the exemplary management of those grants, part of which was spent to bring electric power to the park. In 2008, the committee decided to seek non-profit status in order to more vigorously pursue funding opportunities through which to sponsor events. On August 1, 2009, the evolution of the Callicoon Creek Park Association was marked by a well-attended inaugural concert, produced by Janet Burgan, featuring blues band Barbecue Bob and the Spareribs.

The mission of the Callicoon Creek Park is to:
  1. Serve as a perpetually open space for the enjoyment of local residents and the general public.
  2. Preserve and enhance the natural beauty and environment of Callicoon Creek and the hamlet of Callicoon.
  3. Provide an open-air facility for organized community functions approved by the Town of Delaware: concerts and cultural performances, educational programs, memorial services, farmers' markets, etc.
Adopted May 14th, 2003 by members of the Callicoon Creek Park committee:

Ginny Boyle
Kathy Langley
Alison Peck Smith
Michael Chojnicki
Joseph Freda