Monday, July 15, 2013

July 27th: Janet Burgan and BBQ Bob and The Spareribs

Check it out!  Jonathan Fox gave us a rave in the River Reporter  just ahead of our second concert of the season on July 27th!  Bring the kids,  your wading shoes,  a picnic, blanket and chair and settle in for another happy musical romp in the Park:

         Meanwhile, on the banks of the glorious Delaware River, Dharma and I attended the opening night of the fourth annual celebration of music, “Under the Moon in Callicoon,” as the few remaining fireflies flickered, undoubtedly drawn to “Shift” and “Swoosh” aka “Light Expo,” who lit up the night with their fiery display in conjunction with musical performances by the highly entertaining Elizabeth Rose ( and Brewster Smith. They were followed by the ever-popular Doug Rogers and Hoy Polloy ( While Dharma cavorted with her four-legged pals, I schmoozed with friends, snapped some pics and basked in the glorious experience that this concert series ( provides. Volunteer-driven and incredibly bucolic (another fine word) this series is not to be missed and only here for a short while, so I would advise checking it out. The website suggests that one “bring a friend, get comfy in a chair or spread a blanket; there’s nothing like a concert under a River Basin sky,” and I heartily concur. It also suggests that we could “come early to help set up” or “stay late and help with clean up; it’s really more fun than it sounds.” I did neither, but would like to next time, since none of it happens magically and the fine folks who work tirelessly to create the concerts for all to enjoy could certainly use the help (even from me). With a nice variety of upcoming concerts scheduled, and with summer being fleeting, I plan to be under the moon in Callicoon a few more times. “Momentary, brief, impermanent and short-term?” Let’s get out there and do as much as we can!

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