Friday, May 21, 2010

Cleanup and Weeding at the Park Continues . . .

For those of you on your way to Pecks on Monday morning or stopping in at Landers you may have noticed a few of us in the Park hunched over some of the beds.  We began weeding--with much more weeding to do. Anyone interested in helping?  Please see our Want to Volunteer or Donate? page.

From left to right: Christina Maloney, Dottie Hartz, Ginny Boyle

In mid-April a group of students from the Job Corps helped us with the initial cleanup.  Arranged by Patty Byrne, Community Liaison for the Job Corps, they worked really hard and had fun doing it . . . and the Park's appearance improved greatly. Maybe you noticed?

Students Hasan Abdu-Shahid and Chris Bellinger cutting down the grasses.

Standing from left to right are Dottie Hartz, Shaquinn Terry, 
Preston Simpson, Hassan Abdu-Shahid, Ginny Boyle, 
Chris Bellinger, Alex Siroc, and Noel Roman. And kneeling 
in front are Alex Mendez and Ali Abdu-Shahid.

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